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Phantm's three-step A-R-T process is designed to help companies understand and reduce their environmental impact.

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Step One: Assess

Understand your environmental impact

+ Audit your products and packaging

Understand your current packaging and/or product impact with Phantm’s accredited assessment tool. Utilising Life Cycle Analysis software, you will receive an Impact Report measuring key metrics to inform your decision-making process.

+ Benchmark your packaging and product data against industry standards

Impact reports help you navigate regulations and optimise your packaging and/or product for end-of-life, driving positive change for your impact on our environment.

In addition to your environmental impact, including CO2 emissions for your specified ‘packaging system’. Impact reports provide annual plastic and other materials usage calculations and relative end-of-life impact.

+ Compare the impact of your materials options

Not sure which of your materials options are the best for you business and the environment?

Our Lifecycle Assessments and comparison reports provideyour independent and trusted guidance to help you and your business make informed, data-driven decisions.

+ Get in touch

We work with businesses of all sizes and industries to create a clear understanding of their impact and lay the groundwork for future transformation that includes:

- Comprehensive Lifecycle Assessment

- Industry-specific benchmarking

- Progress tracking on your dedicated interactive dashboard

Ask us about Reduction and Transition strategies for your packaging and/or products.

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Step 2: Reduce

Minimise impact & mitigate risk

+ Customised reduction strategies

With your product or packaging impact now visible, Phantm will help you develop a reduction plan focused on materials, design principles and ‘system change' — setting realistic goals, timelines and milestones.

Progress will be tracked and documented on your platform dashboard.

+ Fast-track your ESG goals

Together, we'll connect the dots between plastic reduction, carbon emissions and biodiversity preservation, empowering your company to make a lasting positive impact on people and the planet through:

- A reduction plan with actionable goals, timelines and milestones

- Customised plastic reduction strategies to help you achieve net-zero

- Materials selection guidance to maximise your impact and mitigate future risk

+ Regulatory support

Navigating the complex landscape of global, national, and statewide regulations is crucial. Phantm will help you navigate the fluid regulatory landscape — both domestically and internationally – ensuring best practices are adopted in each and every market.

+ High-integrity carbon credits

We offer access to high-integrity carbon credits to support your Net Zero objectives.

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Step 3: Transition

Advance to better end-of-life outcomes

+ Solutions Lab

Our materials team independently curates the best materials solutions from around the globe. We engage with innovative makers, assess materials' performance and technical readiness, verify claims, and establish practical applications.

With an in-depth knowledge of your business requirements, we can match relevant product lines to innovative solutions today.

+ Track your progress

With our platform tracking your success, you can create custom reports for third-party reporting frameworks and marketing that communicate and reinforce your progress.

+ Make a positive impact

Make a positive impact on the planet and accelerate your transition to better material alternatives through:

- Access to cutting-edge materials as they enter the market

- Matching materials to your requirements

- Assistance on pilot projects

- Expert guidance throughout the transition process

- Tracking and reporting of your impact

- Ongoing support to ensure lasting success

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Phantm is your trusted and independent guide to better packaging and products.

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