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It's Not Easy Being Green... Even When You're LEGO

Recycled plastic bricks didn't pan out, but LEGO's response showed that being transparent is often the best strategy when going ... Read more

In a world where brands come and go, one name has stood the test of time, capturing the hearts ... Read more

Authenticity matters

LEGO's commitment to its values shines through in its actions. When children voiced concerns about single use ... Read more

Embracing setbacks

LEGO's decision to move away from RPET bricks is a prime example of what it takes to ... Read more

Exploring circular business models

LEGO isn't just focused on reducing its environmental impact – it's reimagining the entire toy ... Read more

Materials · 3 min read
By Victoria Beneragama · 21st Mar 2024

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Unwrapped

How can we meet the product and packaging needs of today while reducing our impact on the planetary systems of ... Read more

Over the last decade, 'Sustainability' has become a buzzword that means many different things to many people. But ... Read more

Whilst Circularity has started to address the significant challenge of conventional plastics, we need to think smarter, faster, and ... Read more

Circular Economy · 6 min read
By Matt Kendall · 15th Mar 2024

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