Case Studies

This section showcases Phantm customer projects as well as other real-world examples of businesses and organisations that have successfully implemented plastic reduction strategies.

These case studies highlight best practices, lessons learned, and the tangible impact of sustainable initiatives, offering valuable insights and inspiration for others looking to embark on similar sustainability journeys.


Sustainable Packaging Solution Case Study: Market Lane Coffee

Phantm partnered with Market Lane to measure the impact of their existing coffee bags and help inform their packaging sustainability. ... Read more

Market Lane Coffee understands its niche and, most importantly, its customers in the specialty coffee roasting and retail sector. ... Read more


Market Lane Coffee's stringent sustainable packaging practice and outstanding stock management opened up some less obvious choices for ... Read more

Market Lane's diligence and commitment to doing better, measuring impact, and making informed decisions about its sustainable practices should ... Read more

Case Studies · 3 min read
By Edward Whitehead · 2nd Apr 2024