Circular Economy

Exploring the principles and practices that enable a sustainable, circular approach to production and consumption.

Content in this category covers thought leadership and news on circular economy policies, profiles of projects, analysis of emissions (Scope 1, 2, and 3), and practical strategies for reuse and refill initiatives.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions Unwrapped

How can we meet the product and packaging needs of today while reducing our impact on the planetary systems of ... Read more

Over the last decade, 'Sustainability' has become a buzzword that means many different things to many people. But ... Read more

Whilst Circularity has started to address the significant challenge of conventional plastics, we need to think smarter, faster, and ... Read more

Circular Economy · 6 min read
By Matt Kendall · 15th Mar 2024
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Love Island x eBay: A Sustainable Love Affair

In a world where pop culture often dictates trends and shapes consumer behaviour, it's refreshing to see an influential show ... Read more

With its two-year-old partnership with eBay, the hit reality TV series has captured the hearts of millions and sparked ... Read more

Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri was eBay’s first-ever Pre-Loved Ambassador

... Read more

The eBay Effect

"Our collaboration with one of the UK's most iconic TV shows has

successfully ignited a ... Read more

Tom Clare, Love Island All Star and eBay Pre-Loved Ambassador

... Read more

Driving Change to a Sustainable Future

By incorporating pre-loved clothing into its wardrobe line-up, Love Island has effectively ... Read more

Circular Economy · 2 min read
By Jade Borella · 6th Mar 2024